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Citrus County, Florida, RV Weekly Report, Oct 8-12, 2018

October 15, 2018

Hurricane Michael caused some inconveniences this week but did not stop us from working part of every day.  The four of us had to evacuate our RV‘s and all of the vehicles because the forecast of a 4 -6 foot water surge.  Had that happened we would not have been able to get in or out of the park to go to work.  Thankfully all that the park received were some flooded streets and camp sites, and lagoon.  By Friday when we returned the water was nearly all gone.  The wind was nothing compared to the panhandle where there was mass destruction.  Please keep praying for all of those in the path of this devastation.  

Our work so has been small jobs since there is so few of us.  Norm and Bob replaced ceiling at Ms Gallop’s home and then we did the bedroom flooring and trim at Lynn and Brandi Whale home.  Cyndi and Carolyn painted all the baseboards.  

It will be another week before we get any more help so we are doing another home which will include more ceiling work and lots of painting.  It is such a joy to hear the comments and see the expressions of the home owners when they see the job completed that they have been waiting over a year to get done.  We pray that our lights will shine for Jesus as we continue to serve.  

 Norm and Carolyn and Bob and Cyndi