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Citrus County, FL RV – Weekly Report – Nov 26-30, 2018

December 7, 2018

There was such a change in the temperatures this week.  Tuesday through Thursday it was very cold for Florida.  Layering was the name of the game.  Sitting in the sun to have breaks and lunch was necessary.  Friday was typical Florida weather – partly sunny and just right temperature (mid 70s ). 

Our minor project of replacing ceilings at Terry Oliver’s home has become a major renovation.  This week we took out more ceilings and then we started on walls and bathroom floors.  We need to get one bathroom functional before we start on the other.  Cyndi and Carolyn started to demo the hall bathroom on Tuesday and by Thursday afternoon it was just a shell.  They had taken out all of the ceiling and walls and then David began putting down a new subfloor.  Doug and Ray put up new ceilings in the kitchen and dining room while Tom and David did the big living room.  Then, they started to put up new walls in the living room and finished it by Thursday afternoon.  Linda was kept busy painting the ceiling and wall boards before they were put up.  She and Mim painted the strips for the ceiling and walls.  What a difference paint can make to brighten up dirty banged up walls.  Rhonda and Mim reinsulated the master bathroom and David put up the new ceiling.  Then, Ray and Doug started on the ceiling in the second bedroom.  Tearing out always leaves such a mess but thanks to a good crew the cleaning always gets done.  Before leaving the house for the weekend, we had prayer with the daughter of the homeowner, who is living in the house.  She then invited us to go to church with her this Sunday so we are going to do so.  Getting to know the client is so much a part of our job and is usually a blessing to us.  As we work at this house we are seeing a completely different picture than we had seen when we first started over a week ago. 

Our job renovating the house of Bill Berck was completed on Tuesday and we had a wonderful house blessing in the afternoon.  There also we saw a changed attitude from Bill and as Tom stated, “that was very emotional.”  It was such a blessing to turn over the key to Bill.  He stated that he had never had anything so great in his life.  He was so pleased that the neighbor had come over to see the house after the service. 

Thursday evening we had our usual potluck, and as usual we were stuffed by the time we finished.  The question of the evening was “Did you kiss your spouse on the first date and if no, why not?”  We again learned more about the team that we are working with. 

David received word that his mother had passed away on Thursday in North Carolina, so they will be heading to the funeral next week.  We offer our sympathies and give them our love and understanding at this time of grieving.  Thank you God for giving them time together at Thanksgiving. 

Ken and Linda went to breakfast with us on Friday morning and then packed up to leave for Canada.  It is always so hard to see one of the group go as they have become like family in the short time that we spend together. 

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Tom, Doug, Ken and Linda, Ray and Mim, David and Rhonda