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Citrus County, FL RV – Weekly Report – Mar 4-8, 2019

March 13, 2019

What a great group we have –  two from Kansas, two from Illinois, two from Canada, two from Indiana,  two from Michigan, and two from Florida. They worked hard at the home of Cheryl Isaman and accomplished a lot.  We hope to complete the home by Monday at the end of the work day.  Ray and Duane got the countertop and the sink installed.  Mary and Ted installed the new flooring in the dining room.  Elenore and Pat mudded the living room and then the gals primed and painted the walls.  Ray and Duane built a new kitchen cupboard and Bob and Sieg built a wall behind it and also boxed in a section where the trailer wall had been removed.  This coming week we will lay the living room flooring and finish the baseboards and window trim.  We hope to have the house blessing on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday morning Mary, Jean, Carolyn, and Cyndi went to the home of Robin Wilson and painted the vaulted kitchen ceiling.  The new roof had been completed so that the water spotted ceiling could be repaired.  We used Kilz on it and then gave it a good coat of ceiling paint.  It matched the dining room quite well. 

Paul Hunt and Susan Kim were here from Monday morning until Wednesday morning.  They were here to film, get stories, and interview people for the spring issue of “Behind the Hammer.”  Watch for it! On Tuesday evening we had a potluck meal with them and had a good time. 

On Saturday morning Kevin King, executive director of MDS, came to visit.  Norm and Carolyn took him on a tour of some of the homes we had worked on previously or are working on currently.  He got to talk with three of the home owners.  Then we all went to lunch and we introduced him to our team.  Thanks for coming, Kevin.

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Duane and Jean, Sieg and Elenore, and Ted and Mary, and Ray and Pat