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Citrus County, FL RV – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 26, 2019

This week the twelve of us (minus a couple of people who had developed a bad respiratory infection) finished the house of Cheryl Isaman.  We had planned on having the house blessing on Wednesday afternoon but that was postponed due to Cheryl having some health issues. 

We started a new project on Wednesday morning at the home of Justin and Tina Honiker near Hernando.  This means that we must travel about 45 minutes to the house.  The setting is really nice as it is in the woods on quite a large property with a pond and many nice trees and flowers.  The home was built in a very low area on a slab and during Hurricane Irma the water came up from under the house and flooded it.  We are to replace all of the floors in the home except the family room, which the homeowners have done themselves.  The subfloors are all rotted away and will not hold much weight as Norm, Cyndi and Carolyn all found out.  Thankfully they are not too high off the ground.  During the week, Bob, Ted, and Duane got the boys’ bedroom supported with new supports and then a new subfloor.  Cyndi, Jean and Elenore helped to tear out and haul away all of the old flooring.  The teen boys are staying with relatives while we are renovating the home.  Sieg, Carolyn, Mary and Ted removed the old floor in the second bedroom and then Ted and Sieg put in new supports and put down a new subfloor.  There are still several pieces of plywood to lay and then this bedroom will also be ready for new flooring.  The kitchen has beautiful ceramic tiles on the floor but it all has to come up since the floor beneath is all rotted away.  Mary and Carolyn started to take up the tile but with all their strength they had got very little of the huge room done (there is no floor to push against). Elenore and Jean tried their hand at lifting the tile also but even with brute strength removed only a bit more.  Since the room is so large and the floor was so difficult to remove Norm has decided to rent a machine that is supposed to be used for this purpose. We are all praying that it will cut through the tile, cement board, and the rotted floor at the same time so it can be lifted out all at once.  This is the goal for the coming week – get the kitchen floor up and new wood put down to hold a new floor. We only have two weeks to finish this home since we all will be leaving the area on March 31.   If it can be done this team will do it.  Nothing is impossible with God. 

Pray that all of the sick team members will be able to work this coming week and that no one else will get the infection.

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Duane and Jean, Sieg and Elenore, and Ray and Pat, Ted and Mary