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Citrus County, FL RV – Weekly Report – Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019

March 4, 2019

Time is passing by very rapidly and we still have plenty of work to do before the end of March.  This last week we worked at the home of Cheryl in Dunnelion.  The gals in our group of 10 have kept up with the painting as fast as the guys get the walls and ceilings done.  The homeowner chose a yellow for most of the rooms in the house so it is really making the home light up.  She chose an antique white for the trim which in our eyes is more tan than white so it is different than we usually paint.  The guys finished laying new subfloor in the kitchen on Thursday and began to install a new wall between the kitchen and living room.  The wall has been an outside wall and the previous owner took it out and closed in a deck for the living room.  The roof in this area had been leaking for some time so a new roof was added but it still had small leaks happening, so after many trips back to try and find the leaks he assures us that it is fixed so that now we can put in new ceiling in the living room.  The insulation is sagging down so we many need to redo it first.  This coming week new vinyl planks will be installed in the dining room and the kitchen as well as a new countertop.  

At Louie Cioe’s home in Crystal River, the 5 guys put up new ceiling in the living room and Ken and Rita mudded and sanded it.  Rita again did a fantastic job of matching the new ceiling to the old in the adjoining dining room.  Ken installed a new ceiling fan and the room came to life again ready for the family to move back

Friday was time to say farewell to 2 of our couples, one from Illinois and other from Pa.  We pray that the weather will be safe for them to arrive home without incident.

Thursday eve after potluck, Bob told us about his trip to Ethopia and showed us some of his many pictures of the trip.

 Friday evening and Saturday we welcomed 3 new couples to our team – Elenore and Sieg Dyck from Canada, Mary and Ted Handrich from Mi, and Ray and Pat Wilkens from Bushnell, Fl.  We are looking forward to having a full team.

Saturday evening, Larry Stoner stopped by to visit us and we all went out to dinner.  It was a great time again learning about the happenings at MDS.  

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Ray and Mim, Ken and Rita, Duane and Jean  

Duane tearing out old rotten flooring