Camp Mennoscah, KS

Project Status: Closed
Project Needs: Building wall sections for Tiny Home projects
What Happened:

Wall sections built for the Denver response will be used for the MDS Colorado Unit’s response to the homelessness crisis in Denver. Wall sections built for the San Antonio response will be used to assist San Antonio Mennonite in their response to the refugee crisis at the border.

What MDS Is Doing:

MDS volunteers will be staying in the Bluestem building at Camp Mennoscah in Murdock KS. Volunteers will be building wall sections for Tiny Home projects. The initial destination for the wall sections will be Denver, with a secondary destination in San Antonio if needed.

Quick Stats

Welcome to Camp Mennoscah

Camp Mennoscah
9458 SE 40th St
Murdock, KS 67111

Project Coordinator
Jordan Miller – (316) 285-9294

Camp Mennoscah Info Sheet 

MDS Volunteer Guide