Board of Directors

The Board of Directors assures that MDS achieves its mission while monitoring relationships with the organization’s stakeholders.

A Nominating Committee shall consider the skills, training and background of each individual and shall nominate individuals who complement the skills and qualifications of the other members of the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee shall also balance representation between Canada and the USA, with no less than one-third of the Directors coming from Canada and no less than one-third coming from the USA

The Board of Directors will be composed of at least nine (9), but not more than twelve (12) individuals all of whom are to be current members of the Board of Delegates. The Board of Directors shall include: the four (4) corporate officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary), at least one of whom shall be a resident of the USA and at least one of whom shall be a resident of Canada; the Regional Director from each MDS Region; and up to three (3) additional elected members of the Board of Delegates.

See below for the current Board of Directors list.

  • Ross Miller – Board Chair
  • Ed Buhler – Board Vice Chair
  • Harold Friesen – Board Secretary
  • Frank Hoover – Board Treasurer
  • Nick Hamm
  • Rodger Sharp
  • Ronn Frantz
  • Glen Kauffman
  • Catrina Miiller
  • Wayne Stucky
  • Phil Troyer
  • Esther Buck
  • Kathy Heinrichs Wiest
  • Denis Keating

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