Board of Delegates

The Board of Delegates acts as an intermediary between MDS Supporting Organizations and the Board of Directors consisting of Nominated Delegates and Appointed Delegates.

Nominated Delegates are those individuals who the Nominating Committee has nominated to serve on the Board of Delegates because of their ability to provide the organization with the leadership, insight and expertise needed to advise the MDS Board of Directors on matters relating to the operations of MDS.

For the current list of Board of Delegates see below.

  • Albert Schrock
  • Wayne Yoder
  • Judith (Judy) Lopez
  • Jane Slabaugh
  • Karla Friesen
  • Morris D Yoder
  • Ray Zimmerman
  • Wayne Schrock
  • William (Bill) Mast
  • Wilmer Hoover
  • Mark Shibukawa
  • Barry Wenger
  • Jerry Wyse
  • Mannie Flaud
  • Vic Janzen
  • Ivan Shirk

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