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Victoria County, Bloomington, Tex., Weekly Report, May 28-June 1, 2018

June 8, 2018

Joining our team this week were Rose and Larry from Bailey, Colorado; as well as Helen, Melissa and Judy from Ontario.  Glenn from New Holland, Pennsylvania and David from Broadway, Virginia stayed on for a second week with us. Our camp was brimming with great stories and much laughter.

The final touches were being added to Linda and Pat Robles’ home this week.  The skirting door and kitchen countertop were adjusted and re-installed.  A final coat of paint was added to the exterior doors.  Closet shelving was completed.  The water heater was vented to the roof and the dryer exhaust vent was installed under the house.  Mudding, paint, and caulking touch ups were completed. The trim around the door to the HVAC housing was also finalized.

Our work on Lupe and Roxy Sanchez’s home was evident even as you drive up, the porch handrails were installed and the area at the foot of the front steps was dug out and framed in preparation for pouring concrete.  The bedroom closets had shelving and knobs installed.  The HVAC closet was framed, drywalled and taped.  The dryer vent was installed, as well as most of the baseboards throughout the house.

The interior of Joe Mercado’s home was transformed with paint, window boxes, and the installation of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The porch soffit boards were also cut, painted and installed.

Cabinets were installed in Vicky Castellano’s home.

Blessings from your friends in Bloomington:  Stefi & Henri, Rose & Larry, Steve & Dee, Dennis, Allegra, Glenn, David, Judy, Melissa, Helen, Robert & Sally

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