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Victoria County, Bloomington, Tex., Weekly Report, June 18-22, 2018

July 5, 2018

We received about 11 inches of rain over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday of this week. But we accomplished quite a bit of good finishing work.   

This week, saw some new faces with two year-long volunteers from Germany and two volunteers from Canada. One of the Canadian volunteers, David, was from Ontario and was training to serve as Project Director in BC Canada later this year. The other Canadian was from Manitoba and he was a true handyman and was especially helpful in finishing some electrical work. While we did meet several new friends, we said goodbye to Allegra who had served as a crew leader here for 8 weeks.    

At Joe’s house, the skirting and soffit were completed. This included painting the trim under the soffit.  Mudding above the HVAC was completed.  In addition, the porch soffit was finished and caulked.

The interior of Ernie & Zenaida’s home started feeling more like a house as the interior insulation was rolled in and the dry wall work was started.

Lupe’s house was cleaned spic-and-span in preparation for the upcoming home dedication.

At Ernest’s house, the rain was problematic but, once it stopped, we worked on truing up the roof trusses.

Next week we will be hosting a Summer Youth Program group from Ohio.  There will be ten youth and five sponsors joining us. 

Blessings from your friends in Bloomington:  Gene, Allegra, Rose, Mary, Elaine, Becca, Justina, Jan, Michael, Steve & Dee.