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Instead of complaints, thanksgiving

June 11, 2018

February 5, 2018


In the Barrio La Plata town of Aibonito there is one person that is expressing her gratefulness instead of complaining for not having electricity for over five months. Ever since Hurricane Maria September 20,  2017, and for others before that too, electricity was not found in the wonderful valley of La Plata, Aibonito.  Even if the mayor of Aibonito lives in this neighborhood it was not favored to restore it electric service before the other towns.

Eileen Rolón, MDS Puerto Rico coordinator takes the opportunity to share on her Facebook page a positive and uplifting thanksgiving message. She wrote “I am so happy and thankful to God. On a personal note I have not felt alone, not one second. It has been an honor to collaborate with MDS. To see a smile and hope/esperanzain a person that having lost their roof, today they can return to their home again. It fills me of much joy and unexplainable satisfaction. Thanks to all those volunteers, agencies, churches and social programs to which in one way or another has helped us rebuilt our beautiful island.”

In a spirit of gratefulness, Eileen choices to be see the cup filling up and not half empty. Instead of criticizing the system and pointing fingers to others, she is recognizing the efforts of many in serving others.  There is much work to be done in La Plata and Aibonito (and all the island). I was inspired when I heard about this posting because we need good news. Good news that will lift up our spirits in hope and joy. In big ways, as returning the electricity to an entire neighborhood, and in the smaller ways like visiting a person that is waiting to get their roof fixed. MDS P.R. is committed to serve the larger community via the Mennonite churches. In the meantime we mostly help our member’s houses destroyed by the winds of Hurricane Maria, before we proceed with other needs. Mennonite churches in the island, in each one of their supporting communities, have distributed family parcels and can goods.

Rolón finishes her posting by saying “My admiration and respect goes to all those that worked in the Water Authorities, Telephone Companies, and the Electric Energy Department for working hard with your workers and even those volunteers coming from the North. All those workers that labored going up mountains, putting up electrical posts and even working under the rain. Thank you, a thousand times, and may the Lord recompense your sacrifice.” [ 3/2/18 used with permission]

In times of so many complaints that we hear on the TV and radio, a little of thanksgiving goes a long way. By the way GraciasEileen.

The spirit of thanksgiving keeps hope alive. I pray for those communities that have not yet received back their electricity, that they have not lost hope. May our faith communities shine ever so bright to extend blessings to all who surround them. We are “called to be communities of hope, joy and peace” when there is despair.