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Children’s Church and Pepito

June 11, 2018

February 2018


Pepito is the puppet used at the Children’s Church of La Plata Mennonite Church. As the MDS crew was doing their final clean up at the site, this dear puppet was found among the debris of the old wooden building. As Eileen Rolon and I stood around visiting with one of the church leaders and two school girls were playing around us, I spotted something on top of the wood remains. I said out loud “is that one of the puppets the church used at the Children’s Church?” and one of the girls ran to get it.

The puppet had survived the hurricane, but the members of the church did not see it when they were cleaning up the building a few days before the MDS crew came to do tear-down. The girl came back running with the 2 feet long puppet named Pepito.  Pepito the puppet, had a white shirt and printed in red letters on the front was, “God answers prayers.” The church leader identified Pepito too, and told us of all the fun the kids used to have when Pepito performed at their puppet show at the Children’s Church.

Eileen Rolon shared the ministry of the Children’s Church and well-known summer Bible camp has been going on for many years.  Eileen is our Region I MDS coordinator of the Aibonito area and member of the Aibonito Church. Her beginnings as a Christian was when as a child she attended the one weeklong summer vacation camp. She, like many other children in the neighborhood were recruited for this large event the church in La Plata planned. Today this ministry is over 45 years old, serving over 150 children from all around the La Plata region.  The Children’s Church building is the main location for this community service program. There are teachers in the community that even volunteer to help teach crafts.

La Plata Church is proud to offer this service to the community’s children. They were saddened to see the building destroyed. Now 5 months before the summer vacation Bible camp they are holding out hope that they can continue to plan for this yearly event. MDS is committed in assisting the church to rebuild the Children’s Church with cement this time. MDS will help them buy a few tents to hold the summer camp in July 2018.

It will make many children happy. It will restore this legacy of the La Plata children’s ministry. And it bring back sweet memories once again, like Eileen and many more that were loved by Jesus at this site, of having Bible lessons. I am sure the girls will love to hear and see Pepito perform again, bringing joy back to the children, even if the puppet has stained marks on its face and clothes.  And together with MDS we will say: God answers prayers.