Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – Mar 9-13, 2020

April 2, 2020

Our week started on Sunday the 8th with 13 amazing gentlemen from Strasburg, PA.   Little did we know what an rewarding week we would have!

We continued the work from Hurricane Florence.  Everyone was ready to go on Monday morning after a delicious breakfast from our cooks.  Thank you so very much for all the great meals and snacks. Very much appreciated by all!

We were very privileged to have Chloe Bechdolt, a Nutritionist, from Bluffton University.  She was a great addition to our kitchen crew!  Thank you, Chloe!

The two crew leaders were exceptional.  Along with their volunteers they accomplished a lot in a week.

Jobs included:  painting, hanging doors, electrical, closets and shelving, plumbing, flooring, fixtures, decks and ramps, dry wall, gutters and spouting’s, and many touch up jobs.

Many highlights thru the week, but one that everyone was a part of was the Home Dedication for Miss Sallie.

Mr. Steve, Construction Coordinator, United Methodist Church, South Carolina Conference, and J.Loren Yoder, MDS Project Director, giving Miss Sallie the keys to her home and the signing off of the MDS project.

Miss Jan also presented Miss Sallie with a beautiful wall hanging.  An extra touch was given by the volunteers that worked at her home.  They had flowers planted in front of her house.  Miss Sallie loves flowers!