Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – June 28-July 2, 2021

July 9, 2021

This week we were blessed with thirteen adult Old Order Mennonites from Ohio, and one from New York. What a wonderful way to restart the new camp site at Bennettsville SC, with these highly motivated young women.

Bennettsville is now up and running. MDS has relocated the site from the Bennettsville Baptist Camp site to McColl N. Methodist Church. Our volunteers are mostly lodging in the Methodist Parish Main building; however, we do have RV’s located at this site and at a site three miles away.

As we reopened the MDS site after the layoff from COVID we have Long Term Volunteers, Project Director Don Mintmier. Office Manager Gary Zehr. Cooks Dorothy Weber, and husband Timothy Weber, along with assistant cook Catherine De Young. To round out our volunteers we have Crew Leader Russell De Young and David King.

Our Crew leaders along with fourteen volunteers stated the week with very hot weather and were confronted with some southern rain, however our exceptional volunteers proceeded to work on five houses this week.

Crew Leader Russell and seven volunteers worked and completed repairs at Ms.  Cynthia’s, Ms. Shirley’s, Mr. Harrington’s and Ms. Gloria. Inside and outside repairs were made at all these houses do to damage sustained from hurricane Florence two years ago.

Crew leader David and seven volunteers worked at Ms. Carolyn’s home replacing floors, installing new bathroom commodes, new kitchen cabinets, and scrapping and painting. This has been an extensive job and will be completed next week.

On Thursday, we invited Steve Nolan and his wife and daughter to supper, and they provided the history of the Disasters that damaged this area over the last several years. Their insight was valuable to our short-term volunteers.

On Friday Ms. Carolyn and her husband dined with our group and they extended their appreciation and blessings to all who has helped with their home.

The highlight of the week was the singing that was provided by our young adult women. It is always a blessing to have this kind of entertainment from these very talented ladies.

As always, I must mention our cooks who provided exceptional meals each day. It was hard to determine who was the best, better, or fabulous cook. They were all outstanding!

Don, Gary, Dotty, Cassy, Tim, Russell, and David