Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – July 4-11, 2021

July 29, 2021

This week we had 2 groups of volunteers.  One group was from Akron Mennonite Church and the other was from North Street Community Church youth group. This gave us a total of 17 weekly volunteers.

For the week the crews, at times 3 of them, worked on 8 different jobs.  Most of them were repairing water damage from Hurricane Florence 3 years ago.  Ramps were built at Mr. Croslands mobile home and Ms. Quick’s home.  Both these jobs were signed off.  The Simmons job was signed off as well.

Work continues on the other 4 jobs.  Next week most of the work will be spent on the Lloyd and Deberry sites.

Roland Stutzman arrived this week to overlap and then replace Gary Zehr as office manager and Covid mitigation manager.  Later in the week Merle Stutzman, Roland’s brother arrived to shadow him in his office manager and mitigation roll.  Hopefully, Merle will be able to serve somewhere as office manager in the not to distant future.

At the end of the week Russell and Catherine “Cassie” DeYoung terminated their service here at Bennettsville after serving as Crew Leader and Assistant Cook since the restart of the project.  They will be missed.

Interesting conversations transpired with Randy and Edna Bowers who live in the house across the street.  Randy is the pastor of the UMC church we are staying in.   They filled us in with the culture and history of Marlboro County, the poorest county in South Carolina.  Edna is also a pastor and a Case Manager the Long Term Recovery Group.  They also spoke to the group Wednesday evening. 

Submitted by Roland Stutzman