Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – July 11-17, 2021

July 29, 2021

This week we had an energetic group of 9 Old Order Mennonite 18 and 19-year-old ladies from the Mifflinburg PA area. Also, there were 2 volunteers from Philadelphia PA.

The entire week was spent working on two jobs.  One was Ms. Lloyds house in Bennettsville and the other was Ms. DeBerry’s mobile home in Cheraw.  Both of these jobs needed extensive demo and repair. Ms. Deberry’s job was nearly completed.  Some delays happened because of the occasional afternoon shower and waiting on licensed contractors to complete their work so our volunteers could finish a room.

We welcomed Herb Hoover as Crew Leader. Herb is replacing Russell DeYoung.  Our long-term leadership is now set until we close down at the end of July.

We were treated each morning as the weekly volunteers from Mifflinburg led us in singing for our devotional time.  Wednesday evening all the volunteers presented a program for the community in the sanctuary of the church we are staying.  Primary parts of the service were the young ladies singing and Tim Weber (assistant cook) playing the pipe organ.  On Thursday the Herald – Advocate (local community newspaper) featured a front-page article on the work MDS is doing in Marlboro county.  There is a link to this edition on the MDS Facebook page.

On Wednesday one of our crew leaders got a call that there was a medical emergency in his family and he had to head back home.  We are glad to report that the individual is doing better and Dave returned Sunday evening.  Roland (office manager) along with one of the weekly volunteers took over the crew leader duty for the remainder of the week.  Also, on Friday morning the other crew leader left to attend a wedding.  Jerry Stoltzfus graciously agreed to drive 3 hours from his home to lead our other crew for the day.

Next week Don will sign on some more jobs trying to make sure our volunteers have enough meaningful work, but not leave much work to be done by the local long-term committee when we leave in two weeks.

Submitted by Roland Stutzman