Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – Jan 20-24, 2020

January 31, 2020

What an interesting week we had in Bennettsville, as flood repair continued everybody got into the “job” act. Sunday afternoon a group of 14 arrived from Ohio, 9 men and 5 women. We were able to select one of the weekly volunteers to act as a crew leader, but none of the volunteers drove so the Office Manager and Asst Cook were out on the jobs with the crew this week. Even the Project Director lead a crew one day. We worked on 8 jobs this week and have several that are within hours of completion. One crew finished their job twice!

At Doletha Davenport’s, Elmer and Mary Friesen’s crew continued with repairs to the subfloor in the bathroom and living room, finished drywall and painting, installing crown molding, laid laminate flooring, repaired a wall and plumbing.

At Barbara Smith’s, Dwight’s crew had some fun when two of the volunteers had to burrow under the house to jack up the floor. They were able to raise the floor three inches and Vernon earned the nickname “Groundhog”.  New joist installed in the floor. Above ground the bathroom was stripped, a new tub and surround installed after the floor joists were replaced, flooring laid, vanity and commode reinstalled. The utility room ceiling was replaced, electrical outlet moved, and the floor was built up so there is no longer a “leaning tower of hot water tank”. The bedroom ceiling removed along with a squirrel’s nest and a whole supply of nuts, supports and drywall installed, taped and mudded in preparation for painting. A new back door was reframed and installed.

Weekly volunteer Ray Nolt stepped up to lead a crew and on the first day they tore down and built new stairs at Hattie and Willy Adams, and tore out a concrete deck, replaced rafters and installed new decking at Ernestine Hamilton’s. Day 2 the crew moved to Timothy Johnson’s home and tore down an existing portion of deck, rebuilt one set of stairs on the remaining portion of deck, and built a new 5 ft landing and steps. Inside, subflooring in the master bath and main bathroom was repaired, new flooring installed in main bathroom, drywall repaired, a new back door and storm door installed, and door frame repaired.

Ray and his crew continued work at Dannie Bloomfield’s residence, a large hole in the ceiling was patched, subfloor repaired, lauan installed, flooring installation began.

Michele WhiteEagle had a mini crew of one on Wednesday at Viola Bridge’s home where one bedroom was painted, and switch and outlet covers were installed.

On Thursday, the crews had a little treat delivered to their job sites. Roland’s Stutzman’s cousin Galen and his wife joined us for dinner. Our homeowner, Ms. Smith was unable to make it for dinner at the last minute. Marv and Darlene Rohrer-Meck arrived on Thursday to serve as interim office manager and assistant cook.

On Friday the Pinehill Camp Directors, Don and Pam Foreman joined us for dinner and shared an encouraging message with the group. Throughout the week games, singing, and some accordion playing kept everyone entertained. Friday was Roland’s last day on project. His humor will be missed around camp!

Thanks to everyone for their service.


Michele, Roland, Doug, Steve, Kathy, Mary, Elmer, Dwight, Marv, and Darlene