Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 22, 2020

Two groups of volunteers arrived in Bennettsville on the 12th. A group of nine women and three men from New York, and a group of five men from Toronto area. We were able to run three crews when Thomas Reesor from Ontario stepped in as a crew leader. Thomas and his brother Clayton just happen to be Steve and Kathy Rhodes’, cousins, what a nice surprise.

Heavy rains and extreme condensation slowed and revealed extra repairs to be done on all three work sites last week. 

Thomas and his crew of four worked at Doletha Davenport’s home. They tore out the old stairs and built a new set with a landing.

Torrential downpours on Monday afternoon ended their work early. Tuesday the deck was completed and work moved indoors. The very saggy bathroom ceiling was torn out, ceiling trusses reinforced, new insulation, vapor barrier, and drywall installed. A small bedroom was drywalled, taped, and mudded, the ceiling reinforced, doors built for the water heater closet and electrical issues corrected. Back in the bathroom the crew remove the floor in preparation for new subfloor. 

Dwight Kaufman’s crew continued work in Diane Perkins home. They painted and installed trim and baseboard, fixed a broken water pipe that delayed flooring installation a day. By the end of the week all flooring, a laundry cabinet, doors, vanity and toilet, trim around the shower were all installed. Newly installed windows (done by another crew) were caulked and painted. 

Dwight’s crew moved to Barbara Smith’s job on Thursday afternoon and removed the porch floor. On Friday porch supports and floor were replaced. 

Elmer and Mary Friesen’s crew continued working at Viola Bridges’s home. They installed flooring in the kitchen, hall, and half bath. They painted and installed doors for new storage closet and water heater closet, painted and installed door and window trim, baseboards, ceiling trim, new kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity. They cleaned and painted existing cabinets, installed kitchen sink, drain, and faucet, new commode in the bathroom, and primed a bedroom.

On Tuesday Jerry Grosh and Ron Gunther came for a site visit, meeting with United Methodist long-term recovery and touring the jobs. It was wonderful to have them on the site. 

Michele got to help with a few tasks on the jobs, toured and signed on new jobs with Doug on Friday bringing our existing total to 12.

Some of the clients donated the biggest turnips ever seen, measuring over a foot in diameter. The volunteers seemed very enthusiastic to try them out when the Kathy roasted them for supper.

Miss Davenport came to dinner on Thursday with a guest; she shared an inspiring message full of gratitude. 

Friday night a couple of sharks showed up for dinner; Roland and Steve were playing in the camp costume closet again and showed up to dinner doing a little dance to “Baby Shark”. 

Michele, Roland, Doug, Elmer, Mary, Dwight, Steven, and Kathy