Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – Feb 24-28, 2020

March 3, 2020

Our volunteers for the week of Feb 23 to 27 were an enthusiastic group of 13 people from the Shippensburg, Newville Pennsylvania area, consisting of 4 women and 9 men.  They brought a lot of enthusiasm and joy to there work. 

They worked on several different sites doing many renovation projects – from repairing floors, painting everything in sight, hanging kitchen cabinets, putting up drywall, , building a deck plus many more needed repairs for the homes of Sallie Miles, Mose Harrington, David Ellerbe and Woodrow Morrison. 

The week was an enlightening and enjoyable time.  A few highlights included one of our clients – Mose Harrington receiving a new kitchen stove .  His existing stove only had one burner on it and the stove was critical for him as the oven was also a heat source for him.  The stove was approved by the generous support of the United Methodist Church which is funding this project.  Mose was delighted and overwhelmed by the gift.

On another level, the volunteers at Bennettsville had a front row seat to the engagement of two of the volunteers – Joe Kindon and Jesse Reme became engaged while on the project. We offer them our sincere wishes for a joyful future. 

This week we are planning to continue on with many of the same projects and the same type of renovations.  There are untold needs for assistance in this community and we are continuing on with the same type of work.