Bennettsville, SC – Weekly Report – Feb 17-21, 2020

February 28, 2020

This week we welcomed ten very dedicated church members of Yorks Corners Mennonite Church. They were led by Gene Miller, a fatherly and well-loved leader. One of the men, who drives truck for a living, was able to support us as a driver for his work crew. Another one had a stroke already years ago but saw fit to come serve to the best of his ability. By Friday he was glowing with joy and humor, as he came to give Christa a message from her ‘honey’. 

In addition, we enjoyed meeting Brett Sorgen’s wife and daughter from Preeceville, Saskatchewan. It’s a good thing they came for the week, because on Tuesday was Brett’s birthday, so his daughter prepared the cake! Brett had to work pretty hard to blow those candles out, because they kept re-igniting! 

On Tuesday night Sallie Miles and her daughter Elverne came to dinner. Small of stature, Sallie is the sweetest little spark, who glowed affectionately at Director Steve, towering over her so gently. It was an amusing sight.

We have never met a more gracious, kindly personality than Sallie. 

Sallie’s house was the last to be built in her neighborhood, and she lived in it continuously for 46 years before Hurricane Florence hit. Now she has had to wait for 18 months before MDS came to remodel it. She takes the attitude that God is in control, and we never need to be anxious for anything. But she admits she had wondered if she would ever be able to move back, so she is endlessly grateful for our help.

The work in Sallie’s house has been going strong for over a week, with lots of mudding and priming, insulating and flooring. 

Elmer and Mary started out the week by finishing Mary Dixon’s house, and then Bernice Hooks’ house. David Ellerbe’s house just needs a couple more touches on fascia and soffit. 

The Harrington’s house will need a few more days’ work on porch stairs, wiring in the back shed, and touch-up in mud and paint inside. There are many odd jobs on this house!

Thanks to everyone for their service! It was an enjoyable week.

Steve and Christa, Elmer and Mary, Tom and Linda, Jan, and Brett