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Aibonito, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, July 29-Aug 4, 2018

August 10, 2018

Nine volunteers from Conestoga Mennonite Church arrived on Sat, July 28th. After attending the Sunday morning worship service at Aibonito Mennonite Church, we gave the volunteers a quick look at the newly organized tool room located across the street in an old historical building. This storage space allows us to have our tools centrally located but still has limitations due to the building’s leaky roof. Hopefully a better place will come available soon.

Monday morning everyone headed to Betania school to lay block and rebar between the new pillars of the Anna K building. Work progressed until the power went out. After an hour of trying to locate the right breaker box, the work of cutting block and drilling holes for the rebar proceeded smoothly. The task of putting a skim coat over the block was quickly mastered and beautifully completed by mid-week. Now the walls are ready for the plates to be installed next week. Every step gets us closer to having a new roof on this large classroom building.

Two days were spent helping Luis Benietez finish framing up the interior walls and installing paneling in the lower level of his house. This will provide his family a temporary living space until his house is rebuilt so they don’t need to keep paying rent elsewhere.

Wednesday the task of replacing the roof on Raquel Alicea’s home was started. The work has moved ahead smoothly with great care in making sure the screws are going into the rafters and not the ceiling paneling. Everyone enjoyed Raquel’s freshly baked cookies and lunches.
Not sure who was the most surprised when a cat that wanders around the neighborhood was discovered exploring our kitchen and was startled when Don entered the room. The cat jumped from the table to the stove, leaping high in the air, bumping the clock off the wall. Some guests are not meant to be in the kitchen!

A highlight this week has been seeing the excitement at Betania school as the campus is being transformed by fresh paint and the new colors of blue and gray. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a small part in bringing hope to Betania for the new school year as well as a safe, dry place for families in need. We have been blessed as we share God’s love here.