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Aibonito, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, Oct 28-Nov 2, 2018

November 8, 2018

The size of our crew increased with the addition of 4 new volunteers.  Priscila, from the Dominican Republic, who is currently serving with MCC in Pennsylvania; Angela Harder from Alberta; Lawrence Miller from North Carolina and Nathan Zerbe from Minnesota.  Thursday morning, Sebastian G. and David Z. headed back to the Utuado site.  It’s been great having them here, especially when our crews were small the past three weeks.

Priscila and Angela anticipated brightening up a newly constructed house with fresh paint this week, but unfortunately, it turned out to not be ready for paint.  So instead, they exercised their flexibility by scraping paint in the Ann K classroom building at Betania; helping put additional screws in Raquel’s roof and cutting Plexiglass for the sky light in her living room.   They also helped move 48 sheets of plywood from our tool room to Miriam’s house.   Later they joined the rest of the crew working at Miriam’s.

Work progressed slowly at first, due to the irregular roof line.   The team did come together and were able to move beyond the challenges to successfully finish installing the trusses.   Plywood, Ice & Rain Shield is now in place as well as a good start on securing the tin roof.   Next week’s team will continue with the work on Miriam’s house and hopefully Adda’s house will be ready for paint.

Highlights this week included Eileen Rolon bringing the crew fresh cinnamon rolls she made and treating us to an evening of dinner and laughter at her home.  Having several days without rain contributed greatly to the progress that was made this week.  Praise the Lord!

Our time here in Aibonito has once again come to a close.  It’s also time to say good-bye to Clete Yoder who has been the Construction Supervisor for the Puerto Rico projects since April.   A warm welcome to John & Wendy Corvin coming on board as Project Director and Office Manager for the next six weeks.   As neighbors and friends see the MDS volunteers working, may all know that God is at work here in Puerto Rico, one family, one roof at a time.  

 – Don & Rachel Horst 

Priscila holding light while Angie cuts plexiglass.
Plywood all installed.
Nathan & Richard getting tin installed.