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Aibonito, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, Oct 14-19, 2018

October 22, 2018

We continue to be blessed by God sending the right people at the right time and this week is no exception.  Dave B. from Vermont, our new weekly volunteer, is a plumber and was exactly the right person with the skills needed to solve the problem of a leaking pipe in the vacated school where we are storing our tools and building materials.   What was a big problem for the building was, in Dave’s words, “an easy fix”.  Thank you Dave! It is so wonderful to have the flooding and waste of water stopped!

 We had an amazing Monday as it didn’t rain until 4:30 pm, allowing our crew to make great progress removing tin and reinforcing the roof trusses so it can support the plywood to be added to Marta and Carlos’ house.  Since Carlos is legally blind, Marta was left with the task of clean-up after the hurricane.  To help her, Harry put the chain saws to work, cutting up the large tree that fell on their roof during the storm.   The crew was blessed with the gift of Carlos playing his 10 string guitar while they ate their lunches.

 Our week ended with the new roof completely finished as well as a new ceiling installed in the back bedroom where the large tree had landed on the roof, causing damage to the ceiling.  The guys did a great job maneuvering their ladders around the numerous pieces of furniture to complete this task.  Dave B. also helped Harry install new doors in 94 year old Josefina’s house.

A highlight this week was getting a taste of the local culture by treating the crew to frappes we purchased at a local frappé stand owned and operated by Josafina’s nephew, who also had heavy damage to his home in the hurricane.

Next week we’ll be building trusses for the roof on Miriam’s house.  Challenges for this job site will once again be the steep lot and limited parking space for our vehicles. 

Working on Marta’s roof