Aibonito, PR – Weekly Report – June 3-7, 2019

June 11, 2019

A group of five volunteers serving one year with MDS joined us in Aibonito this week.   Team members are  Jesse Yoder, Denver, PA; Noah Schulz, Wildberg, Germany;  Marco Tissen, Minden, Germany;  Raven Braun, Perkiomenville,  PA;  Cole Unger, Chilliwack, BC.  Their experience working together at other MDS projects throughout the year was an asset to our work in Aibonito.   Additionally, Daryl Yoder Bontrager from Lancaster, PA and Diego Otegui from Newark, DE, joined us for two days.   They were attending a conference on disaster management in San Juan and drove to Aibonito for some “hands-on” experience.

The final touches to Rita Torres’ roof were completed beginning of the week.  The next project was replacing a roof for Luis Santiago in La Plata.  This was a two-day project which was completed Thursday.  After this project was completed, Tim and the team made plans for the next two roofing projects.  They purchased materials so they would be ready to begin the next project on Monday morning, June 10.

Marvin Smoker, Aibonito  Office Manager