Aibonito, PR – Weekly Report – June 17-21, 2019

June 25, 2019

This week we were blessed with a group of five volunteers from Normal, Illinois:  Chris & Cory Culbertson, their son Matt Culbertson, along with Jonah King and Evan King, friends of the family.  In addition, Dave & Rose Stoltzfus from Gordonville, PA, joined us on Friday as one-day volunteers.

By Tuesday work was completed on the roof of Rosalina Cortez Figueroa’s house, including making the house bat proof under the eaves.  Rosalina’s family was very gracious in providing meals for the group.

Next we moved to a house in Aibonito where a gentleman named Poppo Alicea lives.  Poppo has both legs amputated above the knee.  He has a cement house and it desperately needs paint.  The job is overwhelming with much scraping, power washing and cleaning needed before painting.  We are hoping our work will bring cheer and encouragement to Poppo as we attempt to make these much-needed improvements to the outside appearance of his house.  The community seems to sit up and take notice of the work we are doing.  The church ladies and others have provided meals.  Work will continue on this house next week.

Marvin Smoker, Aibonito Office Manager