Aibonito, PR – Weekly Report – June 10-14, 2019

June 18, 2019

Three of the five one-year volunteers who were with us last week stayed in Aibonito for a second week:  Jesse Yoder, Noah Schulz, and Marco Tissen.  Joining them for the week were Jake Driedger and Isaak Friesen from Alymer, Ontario.   Jake and Isaak were part of a group of seven from Alymer.  The remainder of their group worked in Ponce.

The week began with a roof replacement project for Janet Cartagena in Barrio Pasto of Aibonito—a project with a few challenges.  The house was situated on the side of a steep hill behind another house.  Access to the house was by way of steep steps down the hill, making it difficult to get materials to the job site.  Also, the roof was not square on the house itself or with a small addition to the house, making it a challenge to square up the sheets of metal roofing.

Janet’s house was finished Wednesday and the team moved to a house in the San Luis area of Aibonito, a much easier job than the previous one.  We were served a delicious lunch each day by the homeowner, Rosalina Cortez Figueroa.  By end of the day Friday the roof was totally covered, either with metal or with tar paper so it could be left for completion on Monday.