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Aibonito, PR – Weekly Report – Jan 27-Feb 1, 2019

February 12, 2019

This week we had five volunteers from Kidron Mennonite church in Ohio: Firman Raber, Wendell Schloneger, Peter Miller, Carlin Lehman, and Arlis Kauffman. They, with Neil Rempel, completed the work on Alma Ortiz’s house.  Alma was not living in the house at the time. The roof was sheeted with plywood and covered with tar paper, and then tin completed the roof work. Arlis and his helpers did the electrical and installed eight light bulbs. Two interior doors were installed. Again Norma, the sister-in-law next door, cooked the noon meals.

On Thursday morning we had a house blessing for both Alma’s house and her brother’s house which had been completed by MDS in fall. Harry prayed a blessing over them and we gave them a picture signed by the teams and carrot cake that Linda had made. The team sang a song for them. We also had a representative from the local Mennonite church that encouraged them to attend church and keep in touch, just bridging the gap and reaching out to the community.

We finished the week on Friday with the entire team traveling to Coamos to do a demolition of a hurricane ravaged house there. Luz Blacini, the owner, provided a delicious lunch for us all. It was hard work.  We ended the week with a movie night, watching “War Room” back at the guest house.