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Aibonito, PR – Weekly Report – Jan 19-26, 2019

January 30, 2019

This week we had four volunteers: Phil Histand, Bob Buxman, and Gerry Langstraat from Oregon and Joan Kulp from Virginia. They, with Neil, began the work on Alma Ortiz’s house. Monday was demolition day, Tuesday the prep work was done and the trusses were built. By the end of the week the hard working team had the sheeting on the roof. A couple of days into the following week the job should be done. The team faced some challenges getting the materials up the steep driveway. At one point they blocked the road because they couldn’t make it up the driveway with a load. Three men came along and when they couldn’t pass, they lent a hand carrying the plywood up to the house. The team was ever so grateful!

Norma from next door prepared the noon meals for the team. Alma’s mother also came around and observed the work. They all gave her a hug on Friday when the team prepared to leave on their last day. Audrey took a break from the office work one day to lend a hand and get to know Norma and her family, which was a great experience. Harry and Linda, our wonderful hosts, prepared delicious meals and made the team feel loved and welcomed. God’s blessings surrounded our week and we praise Him!