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Aibonito, PR – Weekly Report – Feb 11-15, 2019

February 19, 2019

This week we had seven volunteers from Pennsylvania:  Jim and Carol Herr, and the Allebach family, Brent and Linda, their son, Preston, and daughter and son-in-law, Casie and Josiah Landis. These seven, together with project director Neil Rempel, worked on Myrna Rolon’s house in La Plata. She is living in her house but the hurricane had destroyed her carport and part of her roof so that it leaked badly. They put another layer of plywood on the roof and then tar paper and tin. When the team needed to break because of the rain, they found other ways to occupy their time, like catching geckos and hanging them on their ears for earrings! Cracking coconuts and catching huge toads also created some fun.  One volunteer, Josiah Landis, whose grandparents were from this area in the 1960-70’s, was able to find people that knew his grandparents and made some wonderful connections. Thursday was Valentine’s Day and for that Linda and Harry invited Myrna for a special supper to celebrate with us at Casa Ulrich. We presented her with a wall hanging and prayed a blessing on her house and family on this occasion as well. Myrna shared her story and her journey back to God with us. We were blessed to hear of the miracles of God evident in her life! Not only has it been a very productive week, but also one in which we have all grown in our walk with the Lord.