Recreational Vehicle Program

The MDS Recreational Vehicle (RV) program is a volunteer opportunity for 55+ adults who want to help cleanup, repair and rebuild after disaster and have fun doing it.

You bring your RV and MDS provides an RV site and meaningful projects to work on.  The MDS RV projects are often smaller in scale – usually 4-6 RV’s to a project for four weeks or more. The RV volunteers work four, six-hour days and have time to enjoy the area in their off time.

The program typically operates annually from the late fall until early spring. Interested volunteers from the U.S. or Canada can apply below and a placement coordinator will be in contact. Returning MDS RV volunteers can use the application form to register their availability for the coming year. 

In the past few years RV volunteers have served in the following locations: Conway, S.C., Corpus Christi, TexasAndrews, S.C.Bastrop, Texas.

Recreational Vehicle Program
Recreational Vehicle Program

How It Works

The MDS RV Program is set up for volunteers to work in four-week durations, working four days per week, six hours per day.  MDS provides free-of-charge the RV parking site with full hookups including a minimum of 30-AMP electrical services, a water hookup and a means of black and gray water disposal. In addition, volunteers may request a fuel (diesel or gas) reimbursement for travel according to the MDS RV Program guidelines. Where possible, laundry services and telephone hookups are provided.

The RV participants prepare their own meals and need to have kitchen, toilet and shower facilities in their RV. When an RV couple volunteers together, one spouse is expected to work. The other spouse is encouraged, but not required to work. The RV volunteers work as a team of 4-6 couples or individuals.

Each RV project is organized with a Project Director and an Office Manager. The project accepts work assignments from a local disaster recovery committee. An RV team works on home repairs and has even been able to build a new home in 2-3 months time. Volunteers involved in the RV Program are expected to be participants in a Christ-centered home church and accept the Anabaptist peace stance.


The RV volunteers work as a team of 4-6 couples or individuals.

Where We Work

We do not expect to have an RV Project in the summer of 2019, but feel free to let your Volunteer Coordinator know if you are available in the fall of 2019.

Application Process 

We ask our RV Volunteers to go through a 3-step application process that includes 1) completing an application, 2) doing an interview, and 3) submitting two references. Click here for the application.

For more information or to serve call:

U.S. residents – Josh Carson at 800-241-8111 or email

Canadian residents – Kelsey Friesen at 866-261-1274 or  email